Select Car Leasing, a distinguished broker of car and commercial vehicle leases, has been a standout in the industry since its inception in 2004. Their mission is simple: to offer customers a seamless, intelligent way to lease a brand-new vehicle. UpShift collaborated with Select to bolster its presence in both organic and paid search, catapulting it to a leader of the automotive leasing sector.

Campaign Highlights


The Brief

Select Car Leasing had emerged as a titan in the UK’s vehicle leasing landscape, experiencing unprecedented growth to become the nation’s premier leasing broker. This remarkable ascent, a source of pride for both UpShift and Select, marked a transformation from local recognition to national prominence, particularly in organic search visibility.

Over our seven-year partnership with Select, our key performance indicators (KPIs) evolved in tandem with the automotive industry’s shifts. However, a steadfast commitment to sustaining high-quality lead generation via their website remained a constant priority.

We aimed to:

  • Enhance lead quantity and quality through organic search.
  • Amplify overall organic visibility.
  • Extend paid marketing initiatives beyond brand-specific keywords while maintaining efficiency.
  • Cement Select’s position as the leasing industry leader.
  • Facilitate seamless platform transitions to deliver an unparalleled technical site experience.

Our Approach

We devised a comprehensive onsite content strategy aimed at engaging and converting users across all stages of the purchasing journey. This encompassed fine-tuning landing pages to target primary market intent keywords related to manufacturers, models, deals, and vehicle types. Additionally, we curated informative content and advisory resources at various touchpoints, complemented by a dynamic content marketing strategy featuring interactive elements, blogs, infographics, and more.

Our outreach efforts included multifaceted link-building campaigns addressing prevalent automotive sector challenges, such as EV battery degradation and Tesla’s Auto Braking system. By targeting highly relevant publications within the automotive domain, we maximised Select’s search performance, incorporating a responsive approach to link building in the post-pandemic landscape.

We provided strategic Technical SEO guidance to rectify critical issues impeding search performance, supporting the development and rollout of successive website iterations while offering ongoing technical expertise to ensure compliance with the latest standards. This adaptive approach aligned with the brand’s commercial objectives and ensured sustained market dominance.

Given the organic channel’s dominance, our paid marketing initially centred on brand-specific keywords. However, we meticulously aligned our PPC strategy with broader business objectives, forecasting its integration within the overarching digital strategy to maximise profitability. Emphasising lead quality over quantity, our strategy facilitated consistent goal attainment and surpassed expectations, culminating in a remarkable 90% surge in conversion rate from 2019 to 2022, alongside a staggering 178% increase in Lead Volume.

Despite substantial market expansion, cost efficiency remained paramount, evidenced by a notable 39% reduction in Cost Per Enquiry compared to the preceding period. Throughout this journey, our Paid team collaborated closely with Select, adeptly navigating the evolving sales landscape amid the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Evolved Search delivered phenomenal results and played a major role in accelerating the growth of our business. We effectively came from nowhere on the large and competitive generic keywords in our industry and we’re now well ahead of all of our competitors and continuing to grow.

Mark Tongue, Owner / Company Director Select Car Leasing

An Impressive Grid

Our business has a track record of generating outstanding results for automotive brands spanning back to 2014, with previous and current clients including some of the industry’s leading dealerships, leasing brokers, and manufacturers.

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