How we do it


Defining objectives

You might come to us with a definite KPI or you may have a loose idea of what you want to achieve. Our team will work with you to nail down these objectives and key results, defining what’s realistic based on careful forecasting. We can’t rush this step; these objectives will inform your entire marketing strategy.


Building strategies

Once these top-level objectives have been defined, we decide on the key results and other KPIs that will help us meet and exceed them. Tracking our progress against your objectives on a more granular level keeps individual teams accountable, ensuring every piece of work we undertake is working towards your business goals.


Monitoring progress

Our dedicated team has an overarching view of your campaign’s performance, enabling us to easily identify what’s working well and what isn’t having the expected impact. We manage our resource fluidly, making our strategies more agile and effective — when key challenges and hurdles arise, we’re easily able to react and adapt your growth strategy.

What we aim to achieve

Having a goal to work towards is crucial to any marketing campaign, giving focus to the work you’re undertaking. But what’s also important is ensuring it’s the right goal. Due to the importance of getting it right, setting objectives and KPI can be overwhelming. That’s where our Performance and Growth team come in; we’ll help you set realistic targets to grow your online performance.

These targets remain central to the overall strategy we create and our smaller KPIs ensure we’re on track towards achieving your goals. This streamlined way of working is designed to maximise your marketing budget and ensure no resource is wasted.

How do we integrate with your team

Naturally, the work our Performance and Growth team does hinges on collaboration. Whether we’re working with you to refine and set your business objectives or building your feedback into a proposed strategy, we will work closely with your team throughout.

We understand that you’ll often need to report performance to key stakeholders within your business, which is why you’ll receive a monthly performance report. It’s not just a bunch of irrelevant numbers though; we tailor our reports around your objectives, reporting only on the things that matter, and present this information in a way that’s easy for everyone at your business to understand.

The team is in constant collaboration with different teams, both internally and externally, ensuring that the right work is being undertaken in-line with our strategy.

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