CarMoney stands out as a premier car finance broker in the UK, renowned for its impartiality, transparency, and efficiency in facilitating car finance solutions. As a subsidiary of the esteemed Peter Vardy Group, CarMoney collaborates with the nation’s foremost lenders to ensure swift finance approval processes with minimal complications for its clientele. Embracing a dedication to inclusivity, CarMoney caters to a diverse customer spectrum, accommodating individuals with diverse credit backgrounds. Through its unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, CarMoney has solidified its position as a trusted and customer-centric entity within the automotive financing sector.

Campaign Highlights

The Brief

Given our strong rapport with the Peter Vardy Group and our extensive background in automotive SEO and digital PR, we were entrusted with the mission to enhance the backlink profile of the CarMoney website.

CarMoney aspired to solidify its position as a premier car finance broker, seeking recognition within its industry. To achieve this, they enlisted our expertise to craft a digital PR strategy aimed at showcasing their expertise to their target audience. The goal was to deliver engaging and relevant content that would resonate with their customers while also securing high-quality links through strategic placements in reputable publications, thereby fortifying CarMoney’s backlink profile.

Moreover, recognising the importance of establishing a presence in the Australian market, the CarMoney team tasked us with devising a similar strategy tailored to their operations in Australia. This initiative aimed to elevate CarMoney’s brand visibility and recognition within the Australian automotive finance landscape.

Our Approach


Diverse link building techniques

Recognising CarMoney’s need for enhanced visibility and authoritative backlinks, we devised a multifaceted approach. In addition to securing links from reputable general publications, we targeted relevant automotive publications to bolster CarMoney’s authority. Our primary focus was centred on crafting data-driven content marketing campaigns designed to provide valuable insights from various perspectives. For example, one campaign delved into analysing search data to compile a list of ‘The Most Googled Car Problems,’ which garnered significant organic coverage, including attention to a unique angle highlighting a money-saving trick that attracted 16 pieces of organic coverage.


Data-driven content marketing campaigns

We executed impactful campaigns such as the ‘Crash Map,’ leveraging data obtained through freedom of information requests to identify cities in the UK with the most dangerous roads based on road traffic collision statistics. This initiative achieved widespread coverage from major publications like MSN, local outlets such as EdinburghNews, and automotive sites like Intelligent Instructor. Additionally, we supplemented our content marketing efforts with reactive digital PR campaigns, seizing opportunities presented by news events and industry trends. For instance, in response to updates in the highway code, we swiftly provided expert insights to journalists on ‘The most surprising updates that can result in fines or penalty points for drivers,’ capitalising on topics like stopping after the white line at traffic lights and changes related to mobile phone usage.


Comprehensive UK and Australia strategies

Employing a range of techniques tailored to the UK market, we positioned CarMoney as an industry leader. Similarly, for the Australian market, we adapted previous successful campaigns and targeted relevant Australian publications to swiftly establish backlinks for, effectively elevating its online presence and authority in the Australian automotive finance landscape.

The Results

Over the span of 7 months, our concerted efforts resulted in the acquisition of 215 high-quality links and numerous citations for CarMoney. Through a strategic mix of content marketing initiatives and reactive digital PR campaigns, we successfully secured coverage on prominent platforms like, The Express, and The Sun, while also targeting specialised automotive publications to enhance relevance.

Throughout the campaign duration, we amassed over 430 backlinks to the CarMoney website, effectively diversifying its backlink profile and positioning the brand as an industry authority. Notably, these acquired links boasted an average domain authority of 64 and an average trust flow of 40, further reinforcing CarMoney’s credibility and recognition among top-tier publications.

Mood Board

Strategic campaign examples:

Our endeavours yielded notable successes, exemplified by the following campaign examples:

  • Car finance calculator link-building strategy: Through targeted link-building efforts, we significantly improved the ranking of CarMoney’s Car Finance Calculator page, elevating it from position 48 to position 11 on search engine results pages by November 2023, securing a prime placement on page 1.
  • Proactive campaigns: Our proactive campaigns, such as ‘Items to not leave in your car in winter’ and ‘7 clothing items that could land you a £5k fine while driving,’ garnered substantial traction, accumulating 195 and 150 links, respectively. These initiatives not only reinforced CarMoney’s visibility but also underscored its expertise in finance-related automotive matters.

Expanding authority to Australia

Following our success in the UK market, we leveraged our established credibility to position as a credible authority within the Australian automotive finance landscape. By crafting campaigns and building links around trending topics like electric vehicles, we broadened CarMoney’s content scope, showcasing its comprehensive understanding of the evolving automotive industry beyond traditional fuel-based vehicles.

In summary, each link acquired in both the UK and Australian markets contributes distinctively to CarMoney’s backlink profile, offering a diverse array of financial insights, automotive expertise, and practical advice. Collectively, these efforts reinforce CarMoney’s standing as a reputable and authoritative entity in the automotive finance sector on a global scale.

An Impressive Grid

Our business has a track record of generating outstanding results for automotive brands spanning back to 2014, with previous and current clients including some of the industry’s leading dealerships, leasing brokers, and manufacturers.

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