Established in 2006, Peter Vardy Group is a family-owned automotive enterprise spanning Scotland. Their mission is to cultivate the finest motor retail operation globally, gauged by the satisfaction of their team, clientele, and local communities. The conglomerate encompasses Peter Vardy for new, premium, and vintage vehicle sales, CARZ for used car retail, Peter Vardy Leasing, and GoodByeCar.

Campaign Highlights

The Brief

Following the fruitful collaboration with CarMoney for PPC, Peter Vardy Group engaged Evolved to revamp their paid search efforts for Peter Vardy and CARZ.

With plans to extend into Leasing and Car Selling, they sought a renewed strategy and training for their internal team. UpShift embarked on this new approach, aiming to empower their expanding sales teams for future success.

Our Approach

Our approach to each account within the Peter Vardy Group was meticulously tailored to meet the unique demands of the automotive market. However, we maintained a consistent focus on three core pillars:



We established a seamless partnership with Peter Vardy Group, ensuring a proactive approach to understanding and optimising performance. Given the fast-paced nature of their operations, our transparent communication and knowledge-sharing have been pivotal in achieving success.

Weekly meetings with key stakeholders facilitate a deeper understanding of each market, enhancing efficiency and adaptability. These discussions focus on driving lead volumes, leveraging insights to capitalize on emerging opportunities, and optimising the user journey for enhanced conversions across the marketing funnel.



We leveraged all available in-platform, internal, and market data to gain insights into Peter Vardy Group’s market position and potential. This data-driven approach proved crucial during periods of uncertainty, such as the COVID-19 pandemic and economic downturn. It remains central to our strategy as the landscape of data protection and cookies continues to evolve.



We overhauled existing campaigns and implemented a robust core structure for targeting, allowing for efficient expansion in both short and long-term cycles. By maximising successful strategies and minimising disruptions, we ensured a consistent flow of high-quality leads. Our meticulous approach included harnessing customer data, regular review of internal CRM data, custom reporting, campaign rebuilding, keyword segmentation, and optimisation of negative keyword lists.

We’ve been working with Evolved Search for over three years now, and they’ve been instrumental in helping us to improve our organic and paid marketing performance.

We’re particularly impressed with their in-depth knowledge of the automotive industry, and their ability to quickly understand our business goals and objectives. They’re also very responsive to our needs, and their teams are always willing to go the extra mile to help us achieve results. We would highly recommend the agency to any business that’s looking to improve their online presence.

Claire Rogan, Digital Transformation Director Peter Vardy Group

An Impressive Grid

Our business has a track record of generating outstanding results for automotive brands spanning back to 2014, with previous and current clients including some of the industry’s leading dealerships, leasing brokers, and manufacturers.

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