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Data-driven PPC Strategy

Our data-driven approach considers more than just your PPC campaign activity in isolation. By understanding your marketing activities, target audience behaviour, conversion paths and other data, we can develop a robust strategy to optimise PPC activity and maximise ROI by focusing on what’s proven to work.


Comprehensive PPC reporting

We’re not about regurgitating stats you could have otherwise read from a report. Our comprehensive reporting style shares detailed insights that connect with your overarching marketing goals, so you know exactly how your campaign is performing, alongside observations about competitor activity.


Learning and evolving

As your PPC campaign advances, our strategy remains flexible. After all, priorities will change as you move closer to your business goals. We can switch tactics as required. We won’t wait for you to suggest a change either; as we’ll be closely monitoring the performance of your campaign, we’ll be the first to flag any tweaks or alternative approaches to trial. And of course, every decision is backed by data, eliminating the guesswork.

What we aim to achieve

PPC is another marketing stream that you can harness to achieve your business objectives. The exact approach you take will depend on what you want to achieve but most often, our paid search team will design and manage campaigns to grow sales and enquiries.

PPC can be the key to unlocking growth for your business. With our bespoke approaches led by our experts, we can use PPC to tackle a wealth of different objectives.

How do we integrate with your team?

We ensure the seamless alignment of strategies and marketing efforts by integrating our paid search team with your own. This allows us to create a consistent brand experience that maximises the impact of your marketing activities and allows us to leverage data and insights from different channels. We have built many successful relationships over the years and are well-versed in working collaboratively.

Internally, our paid search team regularly collaborates with our other teams on our multi-service accounts, from understanding which digital PR campaigns could benefit from paid social exposure to working with our tech and content teams to improve the Quality Score of key pages. All of this helps maximise performance.

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