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So we can successfully promote your brand online, we’ll conduct an in-depth digital PR audit to establish your current position in the market and against competitors. We’ll analyse your backlink profile across four key areas: relevance, quality, context and strength, which will inform where our efforts are best placed.


Tailored Campaigns

Drawing on the findings from the audit and our extensive PR experience, we’ll tailor a PR strategy to help secure the most relevant and effective coverage to strengthen your organic performance. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach here. We flexibly move between campaign types to deliver success.



We don’t just create PR campaigns that give one-time success. Longevity is key and our campaigns are designed to be outreached more than once, whenever a relevant news hook arises. As well as providing real-time performance updates for live campaigns, we’ll also revisit older campaigns to maximise their performance.

What we aim to achieve

Most of our PR campaigns feed into a wider organic search campaign, where the aim is to improve rankings, visibility and traffic. By truly understanding where your audience hangs out online, we’re essentially collecting ‘digital upvotes’ from the most relevant publications in your niche. Essentially, we’re signalling to Google that your site is trusted and should be rewarded in the SERPs.

But this is PR at its most SEO-focused level. Seeing your brand featured across websites they know and respect helps to build trust with your audience, which can be crucial for securing sales if you’re not a household name (yet). Our campaigns are conversation starters and will get people talking about your brand.

We do all this while making sure every campaign we create is 100% relevant to your brand.

How do we integrate with your team

Nobody knows your brand better than you do. That’s why we start every new partnership with brand immersion, so our team can learn about your brand, products and services and fully understand how you want to be portrayed online.

It doesn’t end there though. Working closely with your marketing team allows us to react to any PR opportunities quickly. With competition for coverage high, working together is crucial for pipping your competition to the post.

We also work closely with social and content teams (both internal and external) to maximise the success of campaigns and onsite assets through effective promotion.

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