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Every campaign begins with an in-depth technical SEO audit. No stone is left unturned; we’ll find your site’s technical issues and provide jargon-free, prioritised recommendations to fix them. We audit every six months to nip any new issues in the bud before they have a chance to impact performance.



Recommendations are just the start of it. Some of the fixes we identify require more work than others. As an extension of your digital team, we offer as much support as you need to implement the fixes, from planning the rollout to post-go-live checks to ensure everything is in order.



Our team continuously monitors your site’s technical health to ensure it’s performing optimally. Our flexible approach to resource means we can react quickly to any urgent technical issues that may arise as your site evolves, and we’re well-equipped to tackle larger site migration projects.

What we aim to achieve

Glossing over technical issues with your site now can not only stunt your site’s performance in the short term but also limit the opportunities you have further down the line. Ensuring your site is technically sound lays the foundations for success as your business expands and your goals evolve. Our tech SEO team will help set your site up for success and remedy any existing flaws.

How do we integrate with your team

With us, you don’t have to be the go-between. We pride ourselves on our ability to grow relationships with external and internal developers to aid the swift resolution of technical issues. Working in this way produces a better outcome for technical performance while streamlining communication and saving you and your team time.

We also work closely with other teams including content, CRO and PPC (both internally and externally) to ensure our work is aligned and heading towards the same overarching goal.

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