GoodBye Car, a division of the Peter Vardy Group, offers a seamless online platform for selling cars throughout Scotland. Renowned for its dedication to fairness and competitiveness, the company employs a user-friendly interface and a simple process. With a focus on customer satisfaction, GoodBye Car provides a reliable and trusted alternative to conventional automotive resale methods.

Campaign Highlights

The Brief

The Peter Vardy Group launched the GoodBye Car brand primarily to expand its inventory of used cars and compete with disruptive brands. Given our longstanding partnership with the company and our proven expertise in the automotive sector, we were their first choice to assist with this endeavour.

GoodBye Car tasked us with developing and implementing an SEO strategy to enhance their online visibility and distinguish them in the market, with a specific focus on Scotland. Additionally, they sought improvements to their user interface to enhance the customer experience and drive conversions for vehicle sales and purchases on their website.

Our Approach

The GoodBye Car website was relatively new when we began in early 2021, with only a few pages and minimal search visibility. This allowed us to shape the site with both the audience and search engines in mind.


Content strategy

We conducted comprehensive keyword and user intent research to identify what customers were searching for and the ranking criteria of search engines. The research highlighted the need for strong landing pages and informational content to establish expertise.

  • We created an advice hub with well-researched guides addressing user queries like “How to sell a car” and “What happens to insurance when I sell my car?” This improved the site’s relevancy for car selling terms and introduced users to GoodBye Car’s services.
  • We designed and implemented manufacturer pages with deeper pages for each model, producing informative content to capture the cumulative search volume around “sell my (make/model)”.

Technical strategy

Given the freedom to implement necessary changes, we started with a technical SEO audit and completed initial housekeeping tasks. We continuously maintained specific elements, ensuring a solid technical foundation and best practices for any new site features.


Digital PR strategy

After six months of improving website content and technical setup, we planned and executed a link-building strategy to improve SERP ranking. We produced content marketing campaigns and reactive digital PR campaigns to secure quality backlinks and enhance visibility.


Conversion Rate Optimisation

Aligning our in-house CRO experts with the GoodBye Car team, we ensured an audience-first approach. As a lead-generation website, we conducted sales interviews to understand and resolve their user queries, enhancing the user funnel and improving the conversion rate.

The Results

The results of our efforts were remarkable across various aspects of GoodBye Car’s digital performance. In terms of content performance, we achieved a significant year-on-year increase of 55% in impressions for guide content, accompanied by a notable 15% boost in clicks to guide pages. The enhancement of transactional pages was equally impressive, with a commendable 14% rise in organic conversion rates, coupled with a 17% year-on-year increase in impressions and an impressive 79% surge in clicks.

Furthermore, our strategies led to substantial improvements in brand recognition, evidenced by a remarkable 443% year-on-year increase in branded clicks and a notable 194% year-on-year increase in branded impressions. Additionally, our efforts in securing backlinks proved fruitful, with a total of 297 backlinks acquired over three years, including targeted backlinks from reputable automotive specialist sites. These outcomes underscore our effective strategies and diligent execution in elevating GoodBye Car’s digital presence and performance.

We’ve been working with Evolved Search for over three years now, and they’ve been instrumental in helping us to improve our organic and paid marketing performance.

We’re particularly impressed with their in-depth knowledge of the automotive industry, and their ability to quickly understand our business goals and objectives. They’re also very responsive to our needs, and their teams are always willing to go the extra mile to help us achieve results. We would highly recommend the agency to any business that’s looking to improve their online presence.

Claire Rogan, Digital Transformation Director Peter Vardy Group

An Impressive Grid

Our business has a track record of generating outstanding results for automotive brands spanning back to 2014, with previous and current clients including some of the industry’s leading dealerships, leasing brokers, and manufacturers.

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