CarMoney, affectionately known as The Car Finance Ninjas, is a leading car finance broker renowned for simplifying the process of comparing the UK’s top car finance lenders. Their streamlined approach ensures fast approval, saving customers both time and money. Notably, this campaign clinched the prestigious Best PPC Campaign at the UK Search Awards 2021 and Best Use of Search Finance at the European Search Awards 2022.

Campaign Highlights

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The Brief had previously partnered with several agencies, yet they found limited meaningful progress had been achieved over the years. Despite their efforts, the client felt their market potential had been plateaued.

The client expressed concerns about fluctuating conversion rates and rising CPAs, coupled with stagnant volume growth. This erratic data obscured visibility, making it challenging for the client to make informed decisions internally.

Eager to catalyse growth and meet CarMoney’s sales team’s internal demand for quality volume, we embarked on implementing significant expansion strategies.

Our strategy for CarMoney revolves around three core areas:

  • Data: We harness all available in-platform, internal data, and market research to gain a comprehensive understanding of CarMoney’s current position and potential. This data-driven approach informs our decisions from the outset and continues to guide us throughout the campaign.
  • Build: We focus on renovating salvageable campaigns and establishing a robust core structure of targeting. This foundation allows for efficient expansion opportunities to be pursued both in the short and long term, ensuring scalability and adaptability.
  • Communication: We prioritise developing a seamless relationship with key stakeholders at CarMoney. By fostering open communication channels, we ensure a proactive rather than reactive approach to performance management. This collaborative approach ensures that performance metrics are thoroughly understood and enables us to make informed adjustments to optimise results.

Our Approach

Our approach to working with CarMoney is centred on adding tangible value and driving meaningful impact. We prioritise understanding the intricacies of PPC and its role within the broader digital strategy, ensuring that our efforts align with CarMoney’s overarching goals.


Strategic communication

We focused on productive meetings discussing what truly matters. Our discussions with CarMoney revolve around key aspects such as:

  • Meeting the required lead volume to satisfy CarMoney’s internal sales team demand.
  • Strategic plans for future implementation.
  • Comprehensive analysis of the competitive landscape in both short and long terms.
  • Recommendations for optimising the user journey on the website.
  • Evaluating the value of conversions at every stage of the marketing funnel.

Data utilisation & reporting:

We leveraged customer data and audience insights to capture high-quality leads while excluding non-viable prospects. Regular reviews of internal CRM data allow us to fine-tune keyword performance and optimise investment opportunities. Additionally, we provide custom reporting that offers clear performance visibility for all stakeholders, streamlining decision-making processes through maximum automation.


Account & campaign management:

Upon onboarding, we undertake a thorough campaign rebuild to categorise keyword cohorts effectively, maximizing coverage and traction. Our setup ensures a balance between protecting core areas and capitalizing on new opportunities efficiently. We focus on increased keyword segmentation to enhance relevance based on semantic and lexical composition. Moreover, we optimise negative keyword lists to minimize cross-contamination between campaigns, thereby improving auction quality and driving bottom-line results.

The Results

The collaborative effort between Evolved Search and CarMoney yielded exceptional results, significantly enhancing the client’s market understanding and facilitating substantial growth. In the first year alone, lead volume surged by an impressive 114%, showcasing the scalability and potential of CarMoney’s offerings.

Previously constrained by low CPAs and CPCs, CarMoney experienced a transformative shift in mindset, enabling them to break free from limitations and accelerate their expansion. The Evolved Search paid marketing team not only surpassed CarMoney’s ambitious lead targets but also boosted the internal conversion rate and acceptance rate for finance applications year-on-year.

Amidst the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, our Paid team remained agile, effectively catering to the evolving demands of CarMoney’s sales team. These remarkable outcomes have empowered CarMoney to maintain its growth trajectory, expand its sales team further, and seize promising international opportunities, underscoring the profound impact of our partnership.

An Impressive Grid

Our business has a track record of generating outstanding results for automotive brands spanning back to 2014, with previous and current clients including some of the industry’s leading dealerships, leasing brokers, and manufacturers.

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