Nextbase stands as a market leader in connected car technology and driving intelligence, recognised as one of the largest smart dash cam brands globally.

Renowned for its dedication to delivering state-of-the-art solutions, Nextbase specialises in advanced smart dash cams. These innovative devices enhance vehicle safety and seamlessly integrate with contemporary vehicles, elevating the overall driving experience.

Campaign Highlights

The Brief

Nextbase, a leading UK brand for dash cams, sought our expertise to replicate their domestic success in the U.S. market. Their goal was to find an agency that could drive profitable growth by enhancing their brand visibility and strengthening their backlink profile, which was weaker compared to key competitors.

Recognising the challenges posed by a limited number of domains with a U.S. readership and cultural differences regarding the use of dash cams, our Digital PR, Creative Content, and Design teams crafted HERO campaigns to meet these needs.

Our Approach

Our strategy aimed to establish the Nextbase brand in the U.S. by creating a campaign that could be outreached across every state, published in respective publications, and garner additional international links. This led to the development of the Crash Map interactive campaign.


Audit and Campaign Strategy: We began with an audit of Nextbase’s backlink profile to identify the priority of increasing quality referring domains to their .com website. Our campaign needed to:

  • Have broad appeal across various U.S. regions
  • Reach both consumer and automotive publications
  • Highlight the necessity of dash cams

Data Analysis and Map Creation: We analysed crash data from the last recorded year across all 50 states to highlight the most dangerous states to drive in. This interactive interface allowed users to see fatal crashes per second in each state and identify the worst counties and cities for crashes. This data was shared to maximise coverage for Nextbase by highlighting the number of crashes per month, week, hour, and minute in each state.


Interactive Map Implementation: To represent the extensive data points and encourage publications to link to Nextbase, we created an interactive map allowing users to click on a state and find detailed information about car crashes. This campaign was highly relevant to Nextbase, showcasing the benefits of dash cams, promoting their key products, and demonstrating E-E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness).

The Results

Our blend of relevant content, unique data, visuals, and interactivity resulted in over 800 links from targeted U.S. publications – and still counting! These links led to a 1,479% increase in search visibility between February 2023 and December 2023.

Additionally, our focus on dash cams improved Nextbase’s average keyword ranking by six positions. Notable publications that featured links included Business Insider, Street Insider, Benzinga, Auto Body News, The Globe and Mail, Morning Star, Auto Guide, Fox News, Yahoo!, MSN, and Men’s Journal.

The Highlights

  • 4 billion monthly views: Achieved on global publications featuring the Crash Map.
  • 33% Increase in Q4 YoY organic revenue
  • 23 Average position improvement for tracked keywords
  • Page 2 for ‘dash cam’: Up from Page 7